ProPik has been the source for superior tone and unrivalled comfort for thousands of stringed instrument players for over three decades. With a broad choice of fingerpicks and thumbpicks - for banjo, dobro and guitar players - you'll have no problem finding your perfect pick.


BULK Fingerpicks - Boxes of 12

BULK Thumbpicks - Boxes of 12



Fingerpicks vary by blade, wrap and material.

Fingerpick Blade Style

  • Standard: The blade points directly up from the finger wrap. The most traditional of fingerpicks.
  • Angled: The blades lean to one side of the pick so, with your hand at a natural playing angle, it is easier to hit the strings squarely, providing a boost to tone, volume and speed whilst reducing pick noise.
  • Fingertone: This is essentially just the edge of the blade, almost like a flat, oval hoop. It allows the finger to actually contact the string, while the pick acts as a reinforced fingernail. Ideal for greater control, a more natural feel and increased volume. (These are not available with different width blades).
  • Sharpie: A pointed version of the Standard blade in a single width for an extra bright tone.
  • Resonator: Designed with resonator players in mind, these are angled blades similar to the angled banjo picks.

Fingerpick Blade Width

  • Blade #1: The narrowest standard blade for the brightest sound.
  • Blade #2: The middle and most popular size. A happy medium in terms of tone.
  • Blade #3: The widest blade, giving a warmer, more mellow tone.

Fingerpick Wrap

The wrap/collar section of all ProPik picks (finger or thumb) is soft enough to be bent into shape to fit an individual’s digit, but strong enough to retain its shape during play.
  • Standard: A single wrap that extends either side of the blade, most of the way around the finger.
  • EC Split Wrap: Extra Comfortable Split Wrap is where the wrap on each side of the blade is split into 2, allowing for a higher level of customisation for each player and a more comfortable fit.

Fingerpick Material

  • Nickel: The most popular choice. Gives a balanced tone and is pliable for an easy fit.
  • Brass: Also pliable for an easy fit but offers a warmer tone than nickel.
  • Stainless Steel: Brightest tone and tougher metal. Hand-buffed to reduce pick noise.


There are 5 main styles of thumbpicks in the ProPik catalogue

"The Original"

Delrin plastic blade similar in shape to a fingerpick blade with a metal dual band for a comfortable, customisable fit. Basically, a lovely, up-market version of the moulded plastic thumbpicks we’re all used to seeing.


Very narrow Delrin plastic ‘stick’ blade with a metal dual band for a comfortable, customisable fit. Gives an ultra-light feel on the thumb and bright tone.


Essentially a standard guitar Delrin flat pick with a metal dual band for a comfortable, customisable fit. This allows players to switch between fingerpicking, strumming and single note picking without needing to change picks.

Available with 2 flatpick shapes:
  • Classic: A standard #351 shape pick (think EB Everlast).
  • Teardrop: A teardrop shape flatpick with much more rounded shoulders and more pronounced point.
On all Thumb-Flats, the pick can be rotated to allow players to angle the pick to their liking.


One-piece pick featuring a non-slip design and metal dual band. Brighter tone than the Delrin options.


A new ProPik innovation. The blade is made from a high-performance engineering thermoplastic (usually used in aerospace applications) which is stronger and more rigid than Delrin and offers a more focused melodic tone with greater durability. This pick also features a solid band for extra stability, with rolled and buffed edges for improved comfort. The Aston Martin of thumbpicks.